3D Overview

Impress your players by displaying the star system with his own planet.

Trial of Ascension

Trial of Ascension is a special PvE (player vs. environment) permanent event located at the last galaxy and system of the universe. It is unlocked as soon you finish the tutorial. It is an arena of 100 combats which escalates in difficulty as players advance. Each level contains normal ships and unique ships, with one of them being a boss. Players must complete each level in order to get to the top. Unlike other PvE events, players can play this one without moving coordinates or search through the galaxy. Players are awarded various prizes for beating each level, with the types of prizes ranging anywhere from Dark Matter and Officiers to Megastructure Technology, and even special ships not found on the galaxy.

Extended Empire Page

Extended Empire Page not only allows you to check information about your planets but also can be a quick access to develop buildings, ships or defenses in all of your planets at once.

Custom Ship

This mod allows your players create unique ships. These ships includes over 100 pieces/modules to install, a preview of 3D Model, their own name, balanced rapidfire and a inventory system. Players win their modules through expeditions or through any event you can create.

Bot System

Do you want to have your own players entertained? The Bot system creates fictional players that can build, fight and fleet.

Synthetics System

Similar to Bot System, Synthetics System is an unique feature for players with many planets. This mod allows the system develop a planet autonomously while player is focused into expanding and raiding across the galaxy.

Mission System

The Mission System gives your players a reason to keep on Universe. These missions are designed to grind, events or anything you want to do.

Pirate Event

Want to keep your players entertained? This event deploys planet with fleet and resources across the galaxy. Once attacked, pirates fight back against players and attempt to raid their resources.


Terraform feature allows players to rework their planet in order to give additional resource production. From Barren to Gaian, there is a lot a player can do.

Fleet Template

Fleet Template is a feature where your players create their ship models for attacking, expedition and others.

Quick Fleet Functions

Quick Fleet functions are quick buttons that allows players within a click send their fleet. Features like quick attack, quick colonization, quick expedition and replicate fights (copy attack with ships flying)